Find Unique Wildlife of Kerala


Rarely do great beauty and great virtue live together; But in Kerala, also known as Eastern Venice and God's own country, such a mixture is obvious. So, if you are willing to witness a great fusion of great beauty of nature and virtue, what could you overcome the journey of Kerala wildlife that is so explicit in its own way?


The unique geography of Kerala is home to various types of flora and fauna, this flora and fauna is efficiently conserved in many natural reserves that are scattered throughout the state. Although the animals in Kerala consist mainly of tigers and elephants, rare and endangered species are also found such as the Macacus with the Lion Leopard, the Indian Dragonfly and Gaur in these parks.


So take a trip to the Kerala wildlife to explore and discover the best wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. Mother Nature lives here, and witnesses a famous saying that says: if you ever fight "to pay homage to beauty, to admire it and admire it". Nature is like the worship of the Almighty. "


Elephants, tigers, lion tailed cakes, gaur, deer and sambars are some of the most famous animals found in wildlife in Kerala. Other animals such as panthers and elephants from Mowgli's books, seen beloved from Bambi, and many others such as civet cats, bison, bears, etc. You can also see them in the jungles. Some of the famous birds of Kerala are Mynas available, black bulbous, kingfishers, peafowls, woodpeckers, etc. There are 253 species of birds in total that gray hornbills, peacocks, gray eagles and includes many migratory birds.


The beautiful state has its hands full of sanctuaries for wildlife. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, Eravikulam wildlife sanctuary, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom, the list is endless. Observing diligently the wildlife found in your home, that is, the jungle, is a great adventure in itself. Advancing in Elephant Rivers or safaris and observing the wild wild cats that surround and move without feeling irritated by their presence is a difficult task in terms of courage. However, for many people it is a lucrative idea to be part of the jungle. Riding the elephant and shooting the wild animals is done by the majority. The other things you can do in the jungle are boating, hiking, horseback safaris, bird watching, elephant safari, jeep safari, tigers trail, nurseries, photography.


This green paradise and the country of God is rich in flora and fauna and is beautifully protected by natural parks and sanctuaries. It is a great experience to go out with wild animals and some of them are incredibly moving and some show their art, which is not only surprising but also striking. Answer the crying birds, enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfalls in the natural parks or see the exotic types of plants and flowers that decorate the nature reserves and parks of Kerala in a beautiful place to enjoy a holiday with an excellent experience.


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