The same day Agra Tour by train - See the beauty of Agra


Agra City is very famous in the world. Actually, it was the capital of Mughals, now it is also known for the monuments of Mughals. A lot of beauty has taken it like Taj Mahal, Red Fort and more .... Now when you talk about Agra's facilities, now it's great, Agra has 5 star hotels and more beautiful restaurant. Golden Triangle Tour Packages

The Taj Mahal (Symbol of Love): The Taj Mahal contains and expenses on design traditions of Persian architecture and former Mughal architecture. And the tomb is the central focus of the entire Taj Mahal complex. This large white marble structure is on a square plinth and consists of a symmetrical building with an iwan covered by a large dome and final. Like most Mughal graves, the basic elements are Persian origin. And the basic structure is essentially a large, multi-chambered cube with bevelled corners, forming an uneven octagon that is approximately 55 feet on each of the four long sides. On either side of this side, a huge pishtaq or arched arch hits the iwan with two parallel-shaped arcuate balconies stacked on both sides. Rajasthan with Agra Tour, Delhi Agra Jaipur Luxury Tour


Red Fort of Agra: Agra Fort was originally a brick fortress held by the Hindu Sikarwar Rajputs. It was first mentioned in 1080 AD when a Ghaznavide force contained it. Sikandar Lodi was the first Sultan of Delhi to move to Agra and lived in the fort. And many architects laid the foundation and it was built with bricks in the inner core with sandstone on external surfaces. About 4000 builders worked for eight years, and completed it in 1573. Same Day Agra Tour By Car

By the same day Agra Tour by train, you will visit all major attractions and local culture of Agra within a few days. It is the most popular tour in India.

Itinerary -

5:15 am - (Shatabdi Express Dep: 06:00 AM - Arr. 08:06 A.M.)

Wake up early in the morning before the impressive day of the day Agra by train! Chauffer takes you from the hotel and takes you to the train station. Now Board Airconditioned Shatabdi Express Train to Agra. Enjoy breakfast on board! Delhi Jaipur and Agra with Fatehpur Sikri Tour


8:06 pm - Taj Mahal

Our Executive will greet your arrival at Agra Railway Station and introduce the tour guides! He will visit you to the city's popular attractions. Explore the beautiful and majestic Taj Mahal, symbol of love. Agra Bharatpur Tour Package

11:30 am - Agra Fort

After exploring Majestic Taj Mahal, visit Agra Fort, located near the shore of the Yamuna River.

12:45 am - Lunch

Enjoy lunch at the popular 5-star hotel or in popular local restaurant!


14:30 - Fatehpur Sikri

After lunch you can discover the Ghost City, Fatehpur Sikri! The city was constructed by Mughal Emperor Akbar.

17:30 - Markets

Free to relax the agricultural wealth of crafts. Buy some souvenirs from Agra's local markets for your best friends!

19:30 - departure

Now the cab will drop you at the train station to get to Delhi! Your One Day Agra Tour With the train coming to an end! Delhi Sightseeing Tour by Car

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Andamans and Nicobars have recently been recognized as a tourist destination to explore the active submarine aquatic life. Andamans and Nicobars are known as an eco-tourist destination because of the pristine beaches of dirt. The Andaman and Nicobar is the most important territory of the Union of India and are located in the Gulf of Bengal. These islands divide the Andaman Sea of ​​the Indian Ocean. Andaman Islands are also known as "Emerald Isle".

Andamans and Nicobars were not known, but now as a result of the increase in tourism, people come from distant places to this island to experience the wonderful underwater activities and explore life at sea. The Andaman and Nicobar are famous for their clear and peaceful beaches. The sandy beaches of the Andaman Islands are known for tortoises. A number of shield pads present in Andaman, including hawksbill, olive turtle back leather and green tortoise. This island is also famous for python reticulated, varans, and saltwater crocodiles.


The Havelock islands consist of 572 islets of which 36 inhabited. Great coral reefs, flora and fauna, breathtaking tropical forests that offer peace and tranquility to the Andaman and Nicobar area are one of the fascinating tourist attractions. Some of the major sporting activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, paragliding, jet skiing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, water scooters and many other water sports activities attract adventure enthusiasts.

Due to the major development of the tourism sector and Nicobar Andaman they have become favorite tourist destination, travel has become very easy and cheap. The islands of the Andaman and Nicobar are well connected by air and sea via India. Havelock is affiliated with a large number of economic airlines in India from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair, while foreigners can book first class international flights to Kolkata and Chennai to reach the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Ships are available at Vishakhapatnam, Chennai and Kolkata only four times in a month and Vizag, once in a month. Vaartschips takes about 55 to 60 hours.


Foreign travelers must visit a 30-day deputy commissioner from Port Blair to the islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which may be renewed for 15 days with the necessary permission of the immigration authorities. However, Indian tourists do not need permission to visit the Andaman Islands, but may also be authorized to visit the Nicobars.

The atmosphere of the Andaman and Nicobar is very clean and safe. There are many hotels in Andaman ranging from five star luxury two star and three star hotels, offering better quality and exotic cuisine. The hotels and resorts services are beautiful, and the staff is very dedicated to his work and care for customers. There are special restaurants with seafood including shrimp, fish, lobster; crab is well-known among indigenous peoples as well as tourists.


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Helicopter tourism is not common to think regularly. But it's definitely a great way to explore every location, especially if the place is like the Himalayas. Helicopter flights in the Himalayas offer excellent opportunities to reach even the most difficult peak and to explore even the most remote areas of these mighty mountains. This fantastic trip through the Himalayas begins from Kathmandu Airport and getting there is easy. Travelers can benefit from discounted rates to Kathmandu or negotiate flights to Kathmandu to balance its budget.

Himalayan helicopter tourism is a kind of adventurous and distinctive activity that Nepal offers its visitors. Mountain peaks covered with snow and beautiful panoramic views over the valley with the vision of a bird set your heartbeat race. Aerial view of the picturesque village of Nepal settlements and scenic landscapes make the most exciting and memorable trip.


Although the Himalayan helicopter flight is a bit more expensive compared to others, it is much admired and loved by everyone, especially for tourists who have less time but want to see most of Nepal's sites. Mostly two tours are the most famous: Mount Everest tour and Langtang. Everest's route usually starts from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, in a clear and flying around some beautiful destinations in Nepal Nagarkot, Dolalghat, Charikot and Lukla morning.

The main attractions of Everest tour are views of Everest, Glacier Everest, Lhotse, Thangboche and Sherpa people while tourists visit Langtang Valley more than Kathmandu Valley, Langtang Valley, Tamang and Sherpa Village and you can enjoy spectacular mountain views From Langtang. In addition to these two helicopter trips in the Himalayas, there is one more amazing heli tour and adventure, that is, the heli trip to Pokhara and the Annapurna Mountain.


On-road travelers can enjoy a postcard beauty of the famous Marshyangdi, Lake Phewa, Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake River and the serene beauty of Pokhara. Offering some great moments of his trip to Nepal, Himalayan helicopter view is definitely a memory forever.

The journey begins from Kathmandu and brings you to the base camps closer to different Himalayas Mountains. In the comfort of enjoying incredible Himalayan tourist attractions helicopter. From the snowy peaks to green valleys and beautiful glaciers picturesque villages of Nepal, a helicopter flight to the Himalayan mountain range is really amazing and worth the money aspect as well.


Fly to Kathmandu now and enjoy this unique attraction. Cheap flights to Kathmandu will take you to this incredible country to discover its true treasure. There are other flights also serving, but you have to look out for some great discounts on flights to Kathmandu, so you can save more to spend more time in their spare time.


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Life in my opinion is traveling to the ends of the world, experiencing exotic adventures, eating great and then traveling more. The cycle repeats itself! And if you're nothing, then Ooty is one of the places to visit !! Once you're there, here are some things you want to do in the beautiful hill station.


  1. Dodabetta Look Out

That is it! The largest of the beautiful mountains of Nilgiri Point. If you're at the highest point, feeling on top of the world, it's the most incredible view you'll never see (assuming it's a clear day). This place is ideal for photography. The best time to visit Doddabetta Peak would be early in the morning to see the sun hiding behind the lush green forests. Also at night to the sight of the big red ball from light down. You can see the whole city from this peak. Is not it great?! That's one thing you should not miss!


  1. Botanic Gardens

If you are a person of nature who are interested in seeing thousands of little blooming beauties pushing their heads to you, then yes homies, botanical gardens is the right place for you! Founded in 1848, these beautiful gardens are a lively gallery of the natural flora of the Nilgiris. Find a fossil tree that is supposed to be around 20 million years. What is the view would be, looking for those little, little colorful, happy flowers, swinging in the air, giving their best smile to you. Believe me, it's all the time you spend!

  1. St. Stephen's Church

Located at the center of the city, the St. Stephen's Cathedral was built in 1829, is the oldest church in the Nilgiris. It has beautiful stained-glass windows, large wooden beams carried by elephants transported from the Tipu Sultan palace. Sometimes kitschy and sometimes moving, plates and donated by the believers of the colonial era. Generally, it has a nice atmosphere and a blessed sense of peace embracing the house of God. It must be in the list "must-see in Ooty".


  1. Kabab Corner

If you are a gourmet and travel to different places just to eat, then Kabab Corner is an angle that should be sitting. Although not much of an outside viewer, the most amazing kebabs in Ooty are prepared. Once you are there, you get torn pieces of lamb and grilled chicken grilled perfectly. If you are a vegetarian, do not be put off by my description! This place also offers delicious paneer, immersed juices with fluffy Naan triangles. For the good order, I ate my first piece of paneer here and people, I fell in love! I hope you too.

  1. Boat House

This boat trip is done in an artificial lake created by John Sullivan in 1824. The water-flowing mountain peaks in the valley were drained to form Ooty to the lake. The lake became empty three times when he broke his ravine. The lake was originally intended to be used for fishing by ferries used to travel across the lake. It was gradually reduced from its original size leading to the current bus stop, circuit and lake park. The Tourism Development Corporation of Tamil Nadu, commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, took possession of the lake in 1973, to provide as a tourist attraction. Even if you're afraid of water, this boat trip worth all the money you can get to overcome your fear!



Personally, I have this strange fascination with trains. I think it's the rhythmic puff puff of those wheels, it's just giving me a kick! The unique of this railway is that it is the tallest in Asia. Over a distance of 46 kilometers in about 5 hours, the Mountain Railway Nilgiri takes tourists from Mettupalayam in Ooty or Ootacamund. This is a really great trip that takes tourists from a height of 1069 feet to 7228 feet. And do not forget the fact that it's the most beautiful train ride you'll ever experience!!

  1. House

This place is the perfect place for lovers of history! Stone House is the first bungalow built by John Sullivan Ooty in 1822. Today, the government of Arts College, Ooty and incredible display architecture and some great relics. Beautiful architecture makes you fall in love at the Stone Age!


  1. Pine Forest

A famous tourist spot, pine forest is between Ooty and Thalakunda, and can be seen in some popular Hindi films. High pines are arranged in a small area of ​​forest decline and offer panoramic views and offers an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Dam-Kamaraj Sagar, a popular picnic spot, is visible from the bottom of the hill. A true lust for the sight of a tourist!

  1. Confectionery Kingstar

Ooty is the center of bakery items. Enjoy home-made chocolate and bakery items and try the traditional Ooty biscuits, called Varkey. Sweetstar Kingstar is making delicious homemade chocolates since 1942. In Ooty, the pioneers in the homemade chocolate are fudge and its specialty. Apart from pure chocolate, you regularly get interesting varieties such as strawberries, figs, mango and black currants. For health conscious patients and diabetes, they offer sugar-free chocolate. It can not be better than this. Kingstar buying chocolate is synonymous with a visit to Ooty.


  1. Higginbotham's

It is said that the books are the best friends of man! No complaints and no requirements. Finding that friend is quite simple in Ooty. Higginbotham's is a gift for book lovers. This is Ooty's oldest and most renowned library. Surrounded by the background of the mountains, you can watch books here for all genres. Peace and tranquility really helps a person focus on what you are reading.

  1. Ski trekking

If you are a nature lover or just enjoy the challenge to throw the mountains, then Ooty offers some excellent trekking places. You can take a trip in the middle of the Nilgiri mountains and detect a macaw, Nilgirithargeit or gaur langur. If you're lucky, you can even see some predators. The amazing cool breeze drifting only as a welcome guest is just fascinating.


  1. Restaurant Nahar

If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine, go to one of the oldest restaurants in Ooty, the Nahar restaurant. The place is simple, clean and well-known. The food is served here is fully vegetarian and cooked in the traditional style of southern India. And as a South Indian, I can proudly certify excellence in South India dishes!

People alright! What are you waiting for? It's time to get your warm clothes and leave your place! Get ready to visit these exciting places! And do not forget to click a lot, lots of pictures of this little scenic beauty! 'Lots of fun !!



  1. Earls Court: Do not miss this place for dinner, is so European and lively.
  2. Sidewalk Café: for coffee and the best garlic bread stove and pizzas.
  3. Kotagiri: Drive through breathtaking views of Kotagiri for tea, coffee and blackpepper plantations.

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Rajasthan Desert Safari Tours in the Yellow Sand Sea


A walk in the bright golden Thar Desert which gives an idea of ​​the traditions and lifestyle of the colorful culture of Rajasthan. With regard to your comfort and convenience, Safari in the Desert is divided into two types: Camel Safari gives you the opportunity to see the bright kaleidoscopic landscape on the back of a camel, and if you want the short and light Jeep Safari the Right choice where you can rent an injured gypsy. The best time to travel through the desert is in the morning or at night, as the day kicked by the heat of the sun.


A Rajasthan Desert Safari can be a day or last up to a week, depending on your choice. You can also go for a long day trip to a Rajasthan village or a long expedition week that includes wide distances in the impenetrable Thar. The most important historical cities of Rajasthan, which are on the edge of the Thar are: Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar. These cities are the best among Rajasthan tourist sites as they offer surprisingly serene explorations and an interesting sneak in the folk art and culture of Rajasthan Real.

The rough and dry experience of the Thar in the day and pleasant cold nights are the irresistible features of the Safari Desert. Overflowing sand dunes hit with gusty winds forming new panoramas. Travel through the desert you will encounter a wide variety of flora and fauna.


Although most of the land is barren, they often encounter shepherds with their flocks feeding them intermittent green spots. The solitary sea of ​​bright sand between you and the horizon does not seem to end the dominant habitat of about 25 species of lizards and snakes accompanied by some of the endangered species such as Indian Bustard, Black Buck, Chikara, and Francolin Quail that blooms in sparsely populated meadows. Among the migratory birds that are often seen in the hot desert, the grouse are sand, ducks and geese.

The view of the villages calm and tranquility gives a life experience with mud huts, thatched houses, forage wheel choppers, naive farms, livestock herds, distinctive wildlife, fire tricks in bustling bazaars, women Rural women dressed in multi-colored mirror work blouses and long skirts their tight bodies covered with ethnic silver jewelry with jars of water over their heads.


Rajasthan Camel Safari Tour offers all the facilities that will satisfy your trip to an extraordinary vacation. An English speaking guide for each identified group who completely blow their thirsty thirst for monuments, palaces, gardens, temples, sites and all historical heritage lakes have held history combined with the powerful battles being fought in the Royal Rajasthan. Rajasthan popular artists and bonfire can be arranged on demand stops at night on the cold silver nights under the starry. During your trip, you cannot challenge locals to taste Rajasthani delicacies made with rare spices. The smell of mud that smells of rare rain and the koemeng burns, leave indelible marks on his head.


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Explore Destinations in The Golden Triangle


India, the beautiful country is full of miracles, where unity in diversity gives the true picture of this beautiful country. It has something for everyone and all kinds of excursions. However, there is a common phenomenon among tourists to explore more beautiful and more destinations in the shortest possible time and without spending money. If you are planning to explore India, but increasingly with regard to destinations, it has a better chance of obtaining its desire to provide adequate travel packages available for memorable Golden Triangle Tour.


Golden Triangle tour packages are offered to cover the main destinations in a triangle with its historical significance. When it comes to choosing the best of the Golden Triangle tour, the names of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are on top. The attractive packages Golden Triangle trip for 6 days and 7 nights and for some more time offered.

Delhi - Your First Destination On The Golden Triangle Tour

The national capital, Delhi is the pride of India tourism that presents a perfect combination of contemporary and historical architectural wonders. It is the first destination of the tour that has national and international airports. Some of the fascinated destinations you will see during your trip include Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham, and a number of other destinations. The beautiful capital is also known for its food, shopping centers, educational institutions, the headquarters of the various ministries and various companies and their transportation system. Delhi Jaipur and Agra with Fatehpur Sikri Tour


Agra - Pride Of The Architecturally Rich Cities In The World

Once it was the capital of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Some fascinated destinations you will see are Taj Mahal - One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra Quila or Fort of Agra, Et-Mad-Ud-Daulah, Sikandra - Akbar's tomb or cemetery of the Great Emperor, Jama Masjid and Different. During his trip from Agra to Jaipur, see Fatehpur Sikri - which has religious significance and historical importance. Delhi Sightseeing Tour by Car


Jaipur - Pink City And The Third Pillar Of The Golden Triangle

The beautiful capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is the pride of tourism in the state. Full of architectural wonders and historical sights, is beautiful city called the Pink City. Some of the beautiful places you see here include Hawa Mahal, Amber Palace, Jaiseh Palace, Birla Temple, Jantar Mantar and various other places. The beautiful city is famous for its houses and old market.

Attractive Golden Triangle tour packages are offered to cover a number of destinations in the surrounding areas as well. The choice is yours; choosing the right tour package is simple. To do this you need to find a tour operator or to reach a suitable travel agency based on your choice. You can book these packages from anywhere in India to explore the real miracles. Agra Bharatpur Tour Package

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Five Most Amazing Vacation Ideas In India


Five Most Amazing Vacation Ideas In India

A luxury India tour is a perfect vacation to a beautiful new world with a colorful blend of rich heritage, culture and breathtaking locations. India is not an ordinary country. There are so many options to choose that you are often spoiled for choices. However, we have come across five fantastic holiday ideas for India tour:


1. Luxury Stays In Exquisite Heritage Hotels

In all the states of india you will find some exquisite heritage hotels to enjoy your stay in an unrivaled and luxurious way. Some world-renowned heritage hotel groups include the Taj group, The Oberoi group and Welcom Heritage, a joint venture between ITC Ltd. And the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Marudhar Hotels. Among them, Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur, WelcomHeritage Mukundgarh Fort Mukundgarh and Welcom Heritage Mandir Palace Jaisalmer require special mention. From the spa to fine dining on special tours, you are sure of the experience of Maharaja in these hotels.Jodhpur Jaisalmer Tour Package


2. Ayurveda in the Lap of the Himalayas

From ancient times, Indians have naturally focused on physical and mental well-being. Yoga and Ayurveda are a gift from India to the world. To experience this rejuvenating gift, you are welcome to the beautiful but powerful Himalayas. With the wellness tours, you can bring your vivid self back through relaxing and innovative Ayurvedic massages and therapies. You certainly do not want to miss this. Kerala Tour Packages from Delhi


3. Cross in Quiet Backwater of Kerala

Much has been said about the therapeutic value of Kerala and its idyllic locations. No wonder it's even called 'God's own country'. The backwater of Kerala is probably the best combination of romance and relaxation you could get. The houseboat cruises in the calm backwaters of Kerala will just let you want more. Kerala Luxury Package



4. Rendezvous with Tiger

Tiger is the national animal of India and rightly so. The majestic big cat deserves your undivided attention and respect. Project Tiger is a scheme to eradicate Tigers in India. There are now 27 tiger reserves and you can book your date with this beautiful animal and see it in its natural environment. Kanha National Park, Kaziranga National Park Tour, Bandhavgarh National Park and Sunderbans are your best bet to set a tiger rendezvous.


5. Participate In Festivals of India - Pushkar Festival

India is a country of festivals. Every occasion is characterized by gratitude and rituals followed by colorful celebrations. Pushkar festival is such a lively event. Part of the beautiful Rajasthan, Pushkar attracts thousands of tourists annually to see one of its kind of festivities. The city is on the edge of a small but picturesque lake and has more than 400 temples, including the only temple of Hindu God of Creation, Brahma and 52 Baths Ghats. In addition to the colorful celebrations of the festival, the most prominent part is the internationally famous fair trade fair. The largest camel market in the world is the highlight. You may also want to catch the fun and the nails. Rajasthan Desert Tour

And that's a glimpse of the five most amazing holiday ideas. Let India tour operators and landlords help you explore the exotic country called India in the most memorable way and Book Luxury Tours in India with it’s a leading travel agents in India, They are offers best deals on luxury tour packages for India. Find list of popular luxury tourist places in India and online Luxury Honeymoon Packages in India at lowest price.